About Ameland

Ameland, diamond of the Wadden

Ameland, diamond of the Wadden

Ameland is one of the five Wadden islands and it is a rare piece of nature in The Netherlands. Its wildlife is unique in the world. The gorgeous panoramic views, untouched flora and fauna, the constant rhythm of the tides and the endless beaches make Ameland a diamond in the Waddensea.

Unique in the world

Of course you knew that the Waddensea is a incomparable piece of nature, but did you know it has the largest tide system in the world? The Wadden area extends from Denmark to The Netherlands and because of its extraordinary ecological and geological wealth Ameland has a place on the Unesco World Heritage List.

Unique flora and fauna

Get to know the extraordinary inhabitants of this beautiful piece of The Netherlands, by which we of course mean the animals. Chances are you will find yourself face to face with a seal or spot a sea eagle. Also, birds like the godwit and the tern are common on the island.

Relaxing actively, it is possible!

As many people know, Ameland is very suitable for long bike rides. You can cycle surrounded by nature, follow the most beautiful routes and take a break at a restaurant to enjoy a well deserved cup of coffee. But, Ameland has so much more to offer. You can play golf, go surfing, kiting, horse back riding, swimming and much more. Real adrenaline junks even have the possibility to go sky diving!

About Ameland

As soon as you drive onto the pier nearby Holwerd, you notice the daily affairs are slowly but certainly moving to the background. Screaming seagulls, a fresh sea breeze, the swell of the waves: it really is a break from daily life. Ameland has four villages and each of those has its own unique culture and history. Enjoy your freshly caught fish dinner, experience the surroundings and taste the local ingredients while watching the sun set... what more could you wish for?

The people of Ameland

The people of Ameland are known for their hospitality. They manage to give every visitor the feeling of coming home and they can tell you wonderful stories about the most beautiful locations of the island, or about beachcombing.

Calm and nature

Get away from the busy life of the mainland. Ameland is a gorgeous location where you can find peace and calm. Far away from meetings, rush, appointments, traffic and bustle. You can recharge on Ameland. Enjoy the rhythm of the tides, the stunning and everchanging skies combined with the vast beach. That will give you new energy.

Peace and space. What more do you need? Come visit Ameland!